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why hello there?.I am meagan:}D born 8/4/94~♈aries~ and live in california.I am the captain of this page,I'm here for anons/&others to see my unnecessary interest i put on my page.i spend my days dreaming.i don't say much but im friendly(so message me>.<).i like to occasionally sit here and show strangers what i like,hope you enjoy it.


OH MY GOD one of our tigers did this (and it isn’t stuck on his head; one of the keepers went in to see if he needed help and he undid this and redid it on his own a few times) but oh my god hE’S PRETENDING TO BE A LION IM GONNA DIE


References I found and use for doodling- 

Hopefully you all like?

[EDIT:] How the shit is this popular? I literally just google-fuu’ed  these all one day and made a freaking folder on my desktop and so many of you people like it?! Tumblr you amaze me and make me feel happy. 

To think my personal art is shit hahahaha

A Japanese dwarf flying squirrel with her babies









minute and minute shouldn’t be spelled the same

im not content with this content

i object to that object

I need to read what I read again

Excuse me but there’s no excuse for this

Someone should wind this post up and throw it in the wind

i hope you dont mind but you just fucked with my mind

fuck all of you


  • not answering texts
  • getting my hopes up
  • pushing people away
  • being awkward
  • pissing people off